Thursday, March 19, 2009

2nd Term: Smart Car Dolphin Concept (Design Process, ACCD)

In the process of putting together a porfolio for the upcoming 2nd term scholarship review. Wish me luck~


  1. wow, this is just amazing david!

    are you working on three projects at once?

    well these designs and sketches just blow me away! great work and cant wait for another update!

  2. yeah man, im doing pretty good, busy tho with track and baseball, but track is almost over..and i post more of my sketches on my deviant art...and i have been working on a new concept for the michelin challenge design, hoping to do a good job on it, best of luck on your projects, and i will try to post some more stuff in the next week!

    heres my dA for other more up to date stuff

  3. wat a beast! haha is this for ur scholarship porftolio?

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